Cats have long held a special place in human history, revered for their mysterious nature and associated with various myths and legends. Among these tales, one intriguing concept that has captured the human imagination is that of the “cursed cat.” In this article, we will delve into the enigmatic world of cursed cats, exploring the myths, legends, and stories that surround these fascinating felines.

The Black Cat Superstition:

One of the most enduring myths about cursed cats revolves around their color. Black cats, in particular, have been the subject of superstitions throughout history. In many cultures, they have been associated with bad luck and witchcraft, leading to the belief that encountering a black cat can bring misfortune.

Origins of the Black Cat Superstition: This superstition can be traced back to medieval Europe when black cats were often seen as the familiars of witches. The belief was that a black cat could carry the soul of a witch or possessed supernatural powers.

Modern Perspectives: Today, many people view black cats as symbols of good luck and fortune, especially in certain cultures. They are often considered valuable members of households and even bringers of protection.

Cursed Cat Legends:

  1. The Cat Sith (Scotland): In Scottish folklore, the Cat Sith was a fairy creature that could steal a person’s soul. To protect themselves, people would leave out saucers of milk to appease the Cat Sith on the night of Samhain (Halloween).
  2. Bakeneko and Nekomata (Japan): Japanese folklore is rich in cat legends, with Bakeneko and Nekomata being supernatural cat creatures. These cats were believed to have the power to shape-shift, talk, and bring good or bad fortune to their owners.
  3. The Mummy Cats (Egypt): Ancient Egypt held cats in high regard and mummified them to accompany their owners in the afterlife. Killing a cat, even accidentally, was believed to bring a curse upon the perpetrator.
  4. The Cat People (South America): In some South American indigenous cultures, there are legends of people who could transform into cats. These cat people were said to possess great powers but could also bring misfortune if angered.


The world of cursed cats is a complex and captivating one, steeped in mythology, superstition, and cultural beliefs. While some view cats as symbols of bad luck, others see them as protectors and companions. The tales of cursed cats remind us of the enduring power of these enigmatic creatures to ignite our imaginations and stir our emotions. Ultimately, whether seen as curses or blessings, cats continue to be an integral part of our shared human history and the stories we tell.

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